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NBIS has some internal training to further the expertise of personnel.

PacBio: Uppsala June 22-23 2016, Contact person: Henrik Lantz.

Philip Lobb from PacBio will come to Uppsala on June 22 to have a course in analysis of PacBio data. He will have three lines of focus: 1) De novo genome assembly 2) RNA-seq (iso-seq pipeline) 3) Amplicon-based analysis. Most of his talk will focus on the new version of the SMRT-Portal, but he might mention other tools too. It is at the moment unclear to what extent we will be able to have practical sessions, so expect mostly lectures and discussion sessions. He will also be available on June 23 before lunch for a more free-form session where you can take up more specific questions with him, and this is a good chance to get feedback on projects in case you already have PacBio data in one of your projects.

Working efficiently at Uppmax: Important, not only for the experts but also for the users. Contact person: Martin Dahlö.

Single cell RNAseq: A growing area where more expertise is needed. Contact person: Åsa Björklund.

The perfect storage system for scientists and science: Contact person: Sara Light

Sensitive data: Invited speaker, topic of great future interest. Contact person: Niclas Jareborg.